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cigar bands series

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This collection holds our offerings of vintage cigar band for sale. If you are collecting cigar bands or are looking for an unusual gift this category holds our series cigar bands. Cigar bands series are availabel with almost any theme. If you don't find what you are looking for please ask.

What is a cigar band?

A cigar band is a piece of paper that is wrapped around a cigar with information about its brand or variety. The origin of the cigar band is unknown. Some sources mention Gustave Bock as the inventor of the cigar band. He was a Dutch immigrant to Cuba. Whoever it was he started a tradition as most Cuban factories started to put cigar bands around their cigars. In those days it was very desirable to have European royalty and generals on the bands but cigar bands come in a wide variety. In the fifties and sixties Spanish and Dutch cigar manufacturers started to issue cigar bands in series. Cigar band series in almost any imaginable theme exist. These were the heydays of cigar band collecting. This collection is about those series. Although not as popular as it once was there are still quite a few collectors from all over the world.

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